Friday 19.07.2024 start 22:00

Hamam Nights

Panorama Bar

  • Cockwhore & Macho
  • Fafi Abdel Nour
  • Josh Caffé Polari
  • Sedef Adasï Public Possession

Hot, hotter, Hamam Nights … With a name that could also be a subcategory of a gay porn website, Danish DJ duo Cockwhore & Macho have been a fixture of Copenhagen's queer party scene for over ten years, offering a percussive mix of disco and dramatic house from 90s New York. With his queer party Butts at Groninger Club Oost, Fafi Abdel Nour is a key community builder in the Netherlands and an excellent house DJ as well. As a third guest, Hamam host Sedef Adasi has invited industrious Brit Josh Caffé, a DJ, producer, party organizer and singer who, on top of his collaborations with Honey Dijon and Paranoid London, has recently caught attention with his new-beat and electro-inspired EP Free World for Cormac's Polari label.